Everyone loves bulk candy. Whether you own a grocery store, a convenience store, or a hospital gift shop, consider stocking candy in bulk. best glass dab rigs The big colorful jars full of malted milk balls and bridge mix, red-hots and gumballs, beckon customers to buy some old favorites or try new flavors. You can’t lose with wholesale bulk candy.

Here are five things to know about these popular bulk treats.


  • First, use clear acrylic or plastic bins to display the candy. More than the old-fashioned glass jars with lids, acrylic and plastic bins are easy to clean, easier to maintain, and don’t break easily. Best of all, acrylic and plastic candy bins are see-through, which allows your customers to look right inside to the delicious candy treats. You’re customers will get a better look at everything you stock, from bulk chocolates to bulk Jelly Bellys to bulk gummi candies.
  • Second, plan out a color scheme. You can display your bulk candy like a rainbow: red-hots, orange slices, and so on. You can display them in seasonal colors (pastels in the spring; reds, whites, and blues for Independence Day; oranges and yellows in the fall; reds, greens, and whites at Christmas). The allure of retail bulk candy rests in the impression the display makes. Give people a simple pleasure by planning your color scheme.
  • Third, have accessories children can use. Kids love candy, so be sure that the candy scoops aren’t too heavy and the bags aren’t too awkward. Older kids often have money to spend, and younger ones love to help Mom and Dad. If you treat the kids right, their parents will notice and come back. Better yet, you’ll create customers for life and sell a lot of that tasty wholesale bulk candy.
  • Fourth, keep the candy covered. Display your candy in bins with hinged lids Having a hinged lid protects the bulk candy from going stale, makes it harder for someone to steal it, and protects it from airborne germs.
  • Finally, offer a nice mix of candies. Now, you can’t go wrong with old bulk candy favorites like malted milk balls, gummi bears, and M&Ms. Classics never go out of style. But offer some less popular candies too, things like Jordan Almonds, sugar free chocolates, and gummi worms. Candy lovers will like the variety, but they’ll also be happy to find the old standbys.


Don’t forget that when it comes to selling candy in bulk, your best bet is to offer many choices, attractively displayed. There are so many candy wholesale options, you should be able to offer your customers a wide variety of delicious choices.

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