Companies rely on qualified dependable employees to keep their businesses running, but who is responsible for seeing that the right people are hired? That is the job of the Human Resources manager.

Human resource managers are basically responsible for recruiting qualified candidates to fill open jobs within an organization. Not only are they responsible for hiring employees, they are also responsible for trying to keep them at their organization. They are also in charge of firing employees and filing out the proper paperwork upon that person’s departure. Today’s human resource managers are also involved with upper management to plan changes and implement strategies, which affect the workforce.

Human resource managers try to limit job turnover and increase productivity. Human resource managers need to have integrity, be personable, and be fair. They are often called upon to resolve conflicts and report job related accidents and mishaps, or employee problems. Human resource managers need more than people skills however. They also need to have a strong work ethic and great organizational skills. In addition, human resource managers have to be proficient in computers, have the ability to communicate clearly, and understand the basic principles of business.

To become a human resources assistant you will need to have at least a bac integrated library system helor’s degree, and a curriculum that merges business and social sciences. Further training and several years of experience will boost your potential to become a human resources manager. Course work for those interested in a career in human resources should include relevant courses like public administration, organizational structure, behavioral science, psychology, and computers. Specialized courses in compensation, recruitment, and training will also be necessary. Continuing education is part of being a human resources manager. Throughout your career, you will most likely attend seminars, and certification classes. Annual salaries for human resources managers can range from $40,000 to $80,000.

*Legislation and court rulings setting standards in various areas–occupational safety and health, equal employment opportunity, wages, health care, pensions, and family leave, among others–will increase demand for human resources experts

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