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A Trip to the South East Corners in India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

When you are taking a trip to Andaman the best method for visiting is to plan to stay in one island and visit around the island before moving to the other island. The reason I suggest this is because moving from one island to the other is time-consuming and you need to take care of many things such as ferry tickets, ferry timings and even timings about a specific attraction in a given destination. Non-Indian citizens who visit Andaman do not forget that if you wish to visit the islands you are going to need a restricted area permit if you aren’t Indian.

This permit is in addition to your normal Indian Visa. For those that are coming in by air the port will have a customs office to take care of this but those coming by sea need to arrange for the permit ahead of time. For those that do not have a set flight to return to their homes they should be aware that they may be issued a permit for only 15 days instead of the normal 30 days on the discretion of the customers office. Though the number of days a foreigner is given a permit may vary.

When in the Andaman Islands my suggestion will be to check out some of the locations that are open to travelers visiting Andamans.Here are some locations and things to do at each one.

Baratang Island

If you like exploring this is the place to go. There are mud volcanos and limestone caves. This is a backwater area and you are not likely to run into too many people.


Digipur is the furthest north that you can go on Andaman and it is not the biggest attraction location, but it is a major bus hub. Ferries and seaplanes also come to the area to transport travelers going to and from the islands. Turtle nesting, twin island and the highest peak in Andaman Island, Saddle peak are present in this destination.

Havelock Island

Havelock Island is the most popular visitor location and has the biggest infrastructure of all of the locations. Besides having the biggest infrastructure, it is also a great place to find beaches, swim, snorkel, and scuba diving.


Mayabunder is the location of several attractions. There is a tropical forest, a wildlife sanctuary, and several other sights. It is important to get permission from the Forest Department to tour the wildlife sanctuary.

Neil Island

Neil Island is the place to go to find yourself at the beach and snorkeling. Laxmanpur, Bharatpur and Sitapur beach are some of the most visited attraction here.

Port Blair

Port Blair is the capital of the Andamans and is the only location upon which you can enter or exit the area. It is laid back and a great place to find seafood. One or two days spent in Point Blair would be good options.


Rangat is yet another transportation hub. Unlike Diglpur Andaman Package Cost there is nothing to do and nothing to see in this location. There used to be a beach here but it was washed away by a tsunami. Recently, Dhanni Nalah Mangrove walkway and Ambkunj beach was renovated and opened for travelers.

Most of the locations that serve as transportation hubs do not have sleeping locations for tourists. Look for nearby villages and towns to find places to stay.

English is widely spoken in the area due to the amount of visitor who come to tour the islands. The official language of the area is Hindi. Other languages such as Tamil, Telugu and Bengali are also commonly spoken in the area.

Because all of these locations are on or near the water some of the most enjoyed activities in the area revolve around the water. Snorkeling is one of the best past times when it comes to vacationing in Andaman. Three of the most popular snorkeling locations are Elephant Beach, Jolly Bouy Island, and North Bay Island. On average these trips cost 1,500 Rs. During snorkeling trips, you will get the chance to see tropical fish and beautiful sights with the cobalt waters. Very few places allow such a pristine view. Most trips will even include a meal of some kind. Along with snorkeling and scuba diving the area is also popular for those who like to surf.

The oceans nearby are also a great location to scuba dive. You can engage in a series of different diving activities. For most people the fun discovery of scuba diving in the Andaman will be perfect as they expose you to the diving experience. For those that are experienced in diving there are options to do more advanced dives and for those who are interested in certifications, the clear water and expert instructors provide a great option for learning. Diving experiences range from 3,500 Rs to 89,000 Rs. For those not willing to do diving can go for snorkeling, sea walk, boat ride and glass boat ride also.

If you want to get the best vacation possible make sure to take a little look at the locations you want to visit. But most importantly, once you are there don’t be afraid to change your plans and go wherever you want. Andaman Island is one heck of a destination for all kind of travelers, be it honeymooners, adventure lovers or even backpackers. This destination is something that you should surely add to your bucket list when visiting India.


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