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A Veteran Cast Propels ABC’s The Nine Television Show

What attracts viewers to a new show? Is it the premise? The quality of the previews? Perhaps even the frequency of the previews? The show’s name may play a factor and early reviews can influence people to tune into a new show. All of these factors contribute to a new show’s popularity. However, nothing can be more attractive than a familiar face.

Established television stars act as a magnet for new viewers. How many times have you heard: “Hey! That’s the guy from…” or “I didn’t know she had a new show!” People get excitied when they see familiar stars that they have enjoyed in other series. There is a level of trust and legitimacy that a star brings to a television show.

This star-factor may be a huge asset for ABC’s The Nine, debuting in the Fall of 2006. This series features not just one familiar face, but several television veterans who have graced a multitude of former shows. Let’s take a look:

Actor Tim Daly is well known for his starring role in Wings. He has appeared in several other TV shows including the short lived Fugitive remake.homeland project free tv  Daly also popped up in a lead role in the Steven King miniseries Storm of the Century.

Kim Raver has a starring role on the hugely successful Fox drama 24. But she was a regular on an even huger series than that: PBS’ Sesame Street. Raver has also appeared in Third Watch and a series of feature films.

Scott Wolf is best known for his part in Party Of Five as well as the current hit Everwood. As a child, Wolf appeared on the children’s show Kids Incorporated as well as Saved By The Bell.

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