I think today many people are interested in getting accredited online college degrees, but are worried that online college isn’t right for them.

But more and more students are headed out of the classroom and onto the internet to earn their degrees.

A lot of that has to deal with the fact that classic educations is so much more time consuming than online educations, when in fact, you can get the same or even a better learning experience online.

Reason 1 The main reason online college degrees are much better than on-campus learning, is because online degrees can be custom tailored to a student. Unlike classic learning, which must offer a very broad and narrow assortment of classes, online learning can offer much more specific and narrow degrees and education.

This is great because you can truly get a custom learning experience that is specific for your intended field of expertise.

Reason 2 Another reason you can get a better education online is because you can learn at a pace that is comfortable to you. Many students in class learning environments either get slowed down by other classmates or feel like they are getting left behind.

With you managing your own time and learning capability, online  a course in miracles  college can be a much smoother and faster or slower learning experience.

Reason 3 The final reason online college is wonderful is because you will have more time to study and learn without having to commute, walk to class, or wait for your classes to start and end.

I find this the best part of online learning. When I went to a university, I felt like half of my day was already gone by the time I actually got out of one hour and a half class, just because it took 15 minutes to get there, 15 minutes to get home, and I spent 10 or so minutes waiting for the class to start each morning. On top of that, the walk to class itself took 5-10 minutes, depending on how bad parking was.


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