We all know what automatic means: the ability to work independently. As examples, an automatic car wash and a sprinkler system (irrigation) are two options.

Pest Control is the act of controlling pests. pest control for food industry is typically performed by pesticide professionals who visit your property to spray chemicals.

What is an Automatic Pest Control System? It would be an autonomous system that controls pests. Huh? Are you sure there is?

Yes! There are many automatic pest control systems. Below is a description of the chronology and some insight into their effectiveness.

The first automatic pest control system was the mosquito propane tanks, which emit carbon dioxide. These machines were meant to be installed on a property far from people. The carbon dioxide was supposed to attract the mosquitoes away. The false carbon dioxide was not supposed to offer a blood meal, so the mosquitoes would still be able to find people and eat them.

The next generation is the mosquito misting system. They are composed of small mister heads and tubes that are placed around properties to control mosquitoes. The chemicals are stored in a 55-gallon barrel. The chemicals are periodically pumped into the tubes, which are then released into the atmosphere to kill mosquitoes. These systems use synthetic pesticides which are dangerous to bees and small pets. The chemicals can be blown around by wind or damaged heads of delicate mister heads. Covering an entire property is expensive.

We’ve only talked about mosquitoes so far. But there are other pests. But what about ants? You might also want to manage termites, roaches and other turf pests.

The Automatic Pest Control System is now a reality. This is a new method that uses an irrigation system to provide cedar for pest control. Cedar – cedar is just like cedar chests or cedar closets, where you will never see a pest. This is because cedar repels pests!

This system targets mosquitoes. Fleas, ants and ticks are also targeted. The reservoir is only required to be refilled approximately once every two months.

You can control mosquitoes and a gazillion other pests. This is the Automatic Pest Control System!

Greenbug, which sells pest control products using cedar as an active ingredient, is owned by Louise Hodges. Greenbug offers alternative pesticides to synthetic chemicals.

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