A biometric time clock is a complex device requiring expert handling. It has many settings that a layman may fail to understand. Biometric time clocks are very important for all businesses these days. These timekeepers are designed to assist organizations in keeping track of employee hours for payroll purposes. The technique uses fingerprints or biometric hand recognition to identify the employee. A biometric time clock requires a specified control de acceso biometrico set of tools and equipments for installation.

Biometric time clock manuals are a must during the initial handling of this equipment. One who reads these guides can easily set up, handle, and maintain the equipment. In some way, these manuals can be invaluable tools in getting the most out of your biometric time clock experience and maximizing the life of your time clocks. Biometric time clock manuals inform the end user of the parts and working of biometric time clocks. The manuals also list necessary tools and replacement parts required for installation and maintenance. In a company, a biometric time clock manual is made available to the employer, who has to read and understand the working and related procedures and provide sufficient training to his employees.

Expert trainers use these manuals as a guide during the training process. A good biometric time clock manual contains all the necessary detailed information regarding the equipment, accessories and their specifications, installation procedures, maintenance, setting the time clock, troubleshooting methods, and error codes. Once operational, the settings of the clock need to be changed occasionally. The manual contains step-by-step instructions for settings such as time, date, daylight savings time, program mode, and synchronization of analog dial and digital display.

The two common types of biometric time clock manuals are downloadable online manuals and printed manuals (or booklets). Online manuals are the fastest and cheapest solutions to find high-quality time clock guides. These manuals are published and periodically updated by the manufacturers. Most of the professional time clock technicians use quality downloadable manuals. Biometric time clock manuals also come recorded on CDs.


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