Are you interested in buying a sell a car used vehicle from Craigslist? If so, you will come across some common phrased used by car sellers. What do they really mean? Continue reading on to find out.

It Still Runs – This phrase is commonly used to describe an older car that is still running. The emphasis should be put on “still.” The seller themselves are basically saying “this car is an old piece of crap; I am surprised it is still running and I don’t expect it to be for much longer.” Even though the car may still run, you should run in the other direction.

The Exterior is in Great Condition – This is good, but what about the interior? They likely left this off for a reason. If a car seller takes the time to tell you that the body of the car is in good shape, they should take the two seconds it takes to type “interior too.” This may be a sign that the minivan you are about to buy has crayons melted to the seats.

This is a Great Deal – Rarely will a Craigslist seller say this; in most cases, they are just trying to convince themselves that they are asking a fair price when they aren’t. This is the only time when this phrase should be used: When the seller says “this is a good deal because, according to Kelly Blue Book, the van is valued at $5,000 and I am only asking $4,000.” They back the phrase up with proof that you can verify.

A Good Car for Parts – This car may run, but it isn’t in drivable condition. Likely, it wouldn’t be able to pass an inspection. Although you can use these cars for parts, they are basically junk, but “a good car for parts,” sounds a lot better than “junk car for sale.”

From North Carolina or Another Southern State – You will see this phrase used a lot in the Northeast. In most cases, the seller just relocated from down South and is now trying to sell their car in the Northeast. What they are saying is: “Look at me; no rust because salt isn’t used to treat the roads.”

Passed Inspection Last Year – When this phrase is used, the seller is basically trying to say “the vehicle did pass inspection last year, but I don’t know about this year because I am not going to try.” It might be because the seller bought a new car or because they fear the vehicle will not pass.

A Great Car to Get From Point A to Point B – Pile of junk alert. Unless you plan to let the car sit in your driveway and only use it for emergencies, it is best to avoid a car that will only get you from Point A to Point B.

Truck Has a Few Dings – “Hey, I got into a couple of accidents, but the truck still runs.” A few is the keyword; if the truck only had one small dent, the seller would say so. Since there is cosmetic damage, make sure you get a discount.

$6,000 or OBO – “Although this means best offer, it also means a realistic offer; so don’t contact me offering only $2,000.” It is funny, but some car sellers put in OBO when they are really only willing to lower their price by $50.

Now that you know how to decipher a few common phrases used by car sellers on Craigslist, are you ready to start shopping? Download a Craigslist search tool to search multiple locations and categories on Craigslist, as well as filter out car listings without pictures.


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