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Ceramic Machining – A Discussion on the Different Types

Ceramic machining is not just one method. It is composed of several methods. It is widely used to produce heavy-duty and précise industrial parts used in many specialized fields. These industrial parts are offered either in retail or wholesale quantities. Today, ceramic christmas decoration manufacturers offer extensive options of services and techniques to ensure the appropriateness and effectiveness of their ceramic machining products.

Ceramic machining involves many processes that produce different shapes, sizes, and quality of engineered ceramic parts. Several materials are used in the production of these parts. Some of these include zirconia, mullite, and alumina. Compared to metal parts, ceramic parts are mostly favored because of their many beneficial features.

Modern industrial components have many outstanding structural qualities. Despite heavy stress loads, these are able to retain their shape, and are even shock absorbent. They are also poor conductors of electricity. And unlike metal parts, ceramic parts do not rust. They are light in weight, but are still very tough. These are used as components for automotive parts (e.g. engine), medical artificial devices, electronic devices, and ballistic body armor, just to mention a few.

Ceramic machining services include ceramic grinding, pre-sintered machining, sintering machining, ultrasonic machining, and laser machining. In comparison with other types, ceramic grinding is the most popularly used in machining ceramics in their solid state, or sintered form.

Ceramic sintering is a technique that processes powdered-form materials by subjecting them to extreme temperatures below the melting point until it reaches the level where the powder elements finally fuse together. This technique is not that favorable because it is not very cost-ineffective; it is very complicated and time-wasting, so it is very pricey.

Ultrasonic machining, which is mostly used for drilling, is not ideally used because of its inaccurate performance and poor product results. But a much better alternative for this method is rotary ultrasonic machining. It is a combination of both ultrasonic machining and ceramic grinding methods.

As their name suggest, laser cutting and laser assisted cutting make use of computer-operated laser beam in their operation. Laser assisted cutting is a relatively new technique that cuts materials by making them softer. This low-cost method is ideal for bulk production. Laser cutting, however, cuts an object by melting or vaporizing, and use a gas jet to allow a premium edge surface finishing.

Unfortunately, machining of ceramics has a great possibility of becoming very costly. That is why it is a blessing to find a manufacturer that is willing to assist you in coming up with a low-cost solution to your needs. As much as possible, partner with a company that has extensive experiences with different methods of machining and has a proven track record of efficiency. You can do some research of available  services through the internet, just for a start.

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