Powertable is an UK based partner for English premiership which provides more than accurate statistics to the punters to place their bets.The approach is quite different in their football betting. It based on hard facts, history, past records to predict the outcome. Without involving any emotion and opinion caused. It measures the performance of every game since year 2000. The calculation and prediction is based on 4 performance tiers.

The 1st tier are teams which they forecast they will finish top of the table, and the richest and most powerful teams in term of their finance muscles will fall into this category.

The 2nd tier are teams that they predicate they can fair better than the rest.

The 3rd tier are teams that they predicate they would flourish or trapped in mediocrity.

The 4th tier are teams they predict they need to prove they can survive in this tough competition, and that would hovering above relegation. With the limited fund, they may or may not make it in this competition.

Essentially, the 4 tiers are based on the:
– Average points scored over the 21 century
– The financial turnover of the account
– The gate attendance over the previous season. แทงบอลโลก 

The clubs in each tier will vary year on year based on their potential. PowerTable predicts the outcome of 10 EPL matches every round by measuring the effectiveness of a club in scoring points against the opponents. If the measuring of the effectiveness predication is within six percent, then a draw is forecast. If the effectiveness predication fallout of the six percent range, then Powertable would predicate a win for the team which has a higher evaluation points. That was the case for the premiership game where Man United had an effectiveness evaluation points of 100percent over Fullham’s 13 percent, as it turned out, Man United thrashed Fullham 3-0 score line.

With the Powertable unbiased analysis, punters can benefit from the system and beat the bookmarkers or betting exchange

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