Have you ever gone on a camping trip or a picnic and when ready to open a can you discovered you forgot a can opener? There will probably be a way to get it open, if someone happens to have a knife or tool that might work. However, it can be rather frustrating. You may prepare your survival pack or stash with a lot of survival food and water but it is important that you have the tools you need to work with. The survival food storage usually comes in buckets and the lids are extremely hard to get off. They have been put on to stay and seal in the contents.You need a bucket opener. Or perhaps you have gone hunting or fishing for part of your lunch and find you do not have a proper knife to use. Maybe you need to start a fire to do your cooking but you do not have matches or they were not waterproof and they won’t light. You are ready to leave the camp grounds and you need to take care of the fire you used to cook your food. It is then you discover that you do not have anything to do the job with. It would have been nice to have had one of those compact shovels that are small enough to keep in your vehicle. It is some of these minor items we often forget while focusing on the major ones. And sometimes, these little things have a dampening effect on our whole camping experience. You can save some frustration in a real survival emergency, if you take time now to get some of these items.

There are several disaster tools that are very helpful for camping or any other outing. If you purchase some of these to keep with your camping items, they will be there when you need them. Some examples might be some survival knives, leather palm prepper food gloves, and either a compact shovel or the 6-in-l shovel. A Swiss army knife also has a lot of tools on it. These are fairly inexpensive tools that are excellent to have on hand. And by all means, have a hammer, screw drivers, pliers and the usual around the house tools. And oh yes, make sure to have some waterproof matches.

Some important items we may forget in our survival supplies are some first aid and hygiene kits. Purchase extra soap, shampoo, sanitizer hand spray, first aid items, toilet paper and things you know you will need. Keep in mind that when something drastic happens you probably will not be able to buy things very easily, even if you happen to have the finances. There are first aid kits and a hygiene kit available and if you purchased a survival pack, there may be some of these items in it.

Now for some other items and ideas that could be helpful in a survival situation, such as some of the old home remedies. You may want to purchase a jar of Vicks® Vapor Rub. Besides the normal use, it can be used to rub on the soles of your feet when you go to bed at night and it will stop a bad cough. It is much safer then using cough medicines. Keep a good supply of onions on hand. Not only are they good for you to eat but for other remedies. For instance, place an unpeeled onion in a dish. Fix one for each room of your house, especially in the winter time. It will help keep you from getting the flu and colds as the onions pick up the viruses. If there is sickness in your family, place sliced onions on the soles of the feet and put on socks to hold them on and go to bed. This draws out poison from your body and helps you heal. Usually, in the morning the slices of onions will be black. There are many interesting home remedies that can be used when you cannot get to a nurse, doctor or hospital. Ask some of your older relatives and friends, especially those who were in the great depression, about some of the good old remedies they used. Also, find out some of the things they did to survive. I think you will find it very interesting and helpful.

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