There are many great reasons to consider purchasing a property in Turkey for both fun and profit; here are a few great reasons why any serious property investor should not miss this superb opportunity.

Over the past 5 years Turkey’s popularity with holidaymakers from across Europe has been increasing rapidly year on year.

This has lead as in all other holiday destinations to an equally rapid growth in ownership of property by non-Turkish nationals from many European countries but significantly from the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Many of Turkey’s out dated airports have recently been fully re-furbished with new terminal buildings becoming the norm.

Large amounts of capital have been invested by the Turkish Government on the improvement of infrastructure including new motorways to enable shorter travel times to the main holiday resorts.

Many new Golf courses have been built to attract a higher end consumer and others are currently under development.  property for sale in turkey

The cost of property in Turkey whilst still very good value for money when considered against property in the already built up markets of Spain, France, U.S.A and Portugal has risen in many areas by up to 100% over the past 3 years.

Property is still available from below £20,000 for a one-bedroom apartment in Altinkum or Didim and the potential rental yields could prove very attractive to the serious property investor looking to diversify their portfolio.

The climate in Turkey is amazing, the people are friendly and helpful and Turkey is quickly becoming the destination of choice for an ever-increasing number of holidaymakers looking for a cheaper alternative to Spain or Portugal for their summer holidays.

In certain locations it is possible for some months to go skiing in the morning and after a spot of light lunch swim in the warm ocean by afternoon.

There are an increasing number of budget airlines starting to fly into Turkey’s airports and they are extending the length of the season to allow for those who have holiday homes.



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