People are becoming more aware of the negative impact carbon footprints have on our planet. The carbon footprint refers to the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions from individuals, events, products, and/or organizations. Every action we take, every purchase we make, and every event we attend all have an impact on the environment. It is preferable to leave a smaller carbon footprint because it means that what you did and purchased had very little or no effect on the environment.

Even in job searches, we can all make a difference to reduce our carbon footprint. Here’s how:

1. You can search for jobs online. It’s a great way to search for work online. If you don’t own a computer, you can conduct your job search online. It is eco-friendly. Traditional job reducing carbon footprint benefits hunting involves you moving from one company building into another, filling out your resume, and waiting for the calls. You will use less energy online than you did company-hopping.

2. Online fax services are available if the company requests that you fax your resume. Traditional fax machines require you to first print your resume before you can send it as a fax message. Online fax services, on the other hand allow you to send a soft copy of the resume as a hardcopy document on the other line. Online faxing reduces carbon footprints by reducing paper, electricity and inks. If online fax is unavailable, you can have your resume printed on recycled paper and send it using traditional fax messages.

3. You can commute to your interview. Don’t bring your car to a job interview if a company calls. Your future boss won’t be impressed by your car, even though he or she may have a better vehicle than you (considering they are “the boss”)). Your first impression doesn’t start in your carpark, it starts inside the office where you will be interviewed. You can also walk or bike if you live just a few blocks from the place where you will be interviewed. Take a walk down your block early in the morning. Your cardiovascular system will be healthier and you might even get the job. You may even be offered the job.

4. Encourage everyone to be green when you are offered the job. Although it might not be fashionable, encourage everyone to adopt a green lifestyle from the first day. You can do this “on the job.” You can recruit friends you have made to join your cause if you already have a strong network. Be an example. You must show them that your green lifestyle is a living example.

There are many things that we can do for the environment. What can you do to get started? Start with what you already have and where you are now.


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