Through the time I was wanting to stop smoking Weed and all through the time I have been helping others stop smoking Weed I have seen a very common trend. People saying they want to quit for months, or even years. That’s just too long, I know that and I’m sure you know that. I’m not pointing the finger here, I wanted to stop smoking Weed for about two years. I tried, I failed and I tried again.

So What Stops People From Being Able To Stop Smoking Weed?

Lack of knowledge. weed online bestellen That’s all it comes down to. Everyone CAN quit, heavy smokers, people that have smoked for thirty years, depressed smokers, it doesn’t matter. Whatever situation your in I can bet that someone just like you has been able to quit. Anyone can do it, if they know how.

Once I learned how to stop smoking Weed, I did it!

There are certain things that ALL successful quitters do, the ‘experts’ call these things patterns. IF you use these patterns the result is you will stop smoking Weed but very few people have all the pieces to the puzzle. After a lot of learning I started to see some of these patterns, for example they all wants to quit, they know why they want to quit and then most importantly they know HOW to quit. They also have certain ‘motivators’ that mean they are determined to end their addiction.

There are of course differences in how people quit. If smoking Weed is the first thing you do in the morning, you smoke all through the day and it’s the last thing you do at night, then the method of quitting (patterns) will be different to someone who smokes just when they get home from work. Why? Because there are different ‘triggers’ and different reasons why they smoke.

There are however, certain patterns that everyone who wants to stop smoking Weed follow.


If I was to say to you ‘I’ll give you a dollar if you run a mile’ you probably wouldn’t be interested. But if I told you i’d give you ten thousand dollars to run a mile’ what would you say? Your motivation is your most powerful asset. What motivates you? What will your life be like when stop smoking Weed? Take a second to think about what will happen AFTER you stop smoking Weed, do it now-it only takes ten seconds!

Successful People

Experts say that the major difference between someone who is successful and someone who isn’t is this, people that are successful look at what the end result will be (see questions above) but people who aren’t successful (or people who don’t really try) focus on what they have to go through. Keep your focus on what your life will be like after you quit, and believe me when I say that you life will be how you want it, IF you take the steps to get there.

When you finally say to yourself ‘never again, I will NEVER smoke Weed again and I won’t live like this anymore’ that’s where you need to be in order to stop smoking Weed. There are even ways to motivate you to this point. For example, if you spend on average fifty dollars a week on Weed that adds up to two thousand dollars a year. How much have you spent on getting high just to feel depressed, anxious or sedated?

Pain Is Your Friend

Another great motivator is pain. Emotional pain of smoking Weed comes from all the things your missing out on, and all the negative things in your life that probably are caused by Weed. This is enough to motivate anyone to stop smoking Weed, but here’s the catch. Smoking eases the pain, if you smoke then you don’t stress over the negativity and forget about it for a while. It’s a self defeating cycle. Most smokers don’t make that connection, thinking that Weed is the only good thing in their life when it’s not and it’s probably the reason you don’t have the other things you want.

How many weeks, months or years is this going to continue? Not another minute, not another day. You can quit easily, when you know how.

Is there an easy way to quit? What if I could guarantee you will quit smoking Weed?

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