Hunter Leveling Guide – How to Get Level 80 With Hunter Under 8 Days

Hunter is the ideal class for beginners for speed leveling due to its superb damage dealing abilities and survival skills. This makes the hunter very good in PvP, especially in arena combined with a healer and a melee shaman. So, many experienced players start leveling up a hunter, too. However, both new and experienced players want to get level 80 as soon as possible so I recommend you to get a professional hunter leveling guide, which will drastically increase your leveling speed.

So, when you start a hunter, you can choose from a number of races, but if you are playing with an Alliance character, I recommend you to choose to be Night Elf, because of the Shadowmeld ability, which is extremely handy in PvP situations. However, if you want to play with a horde character, than go for Troll, as it gives you the Bow Specialization ability.

Well, I have good news. The first ten levels are the most difficult for a hunter, since you have no pet. I recommend you to start with the Serpent Sting ability than use your Arcane Shot ability as much as you can then, execute your opponent with your Raptor Strike. But, life will become easier when you will get your first pet, I recommend you to choose a Bear pet, due to its high armor and health. You will mainly use your pet to tank mobs: your basic strategy will be to tank the mob with your pet, while you kill it from distance. However, a good hunter leveling guide will give you much more details on specific strategies on leveling.

So, what exactly is a hunter leveling guide, and how does it work? Well, it is a guide, which shows you the fastest way to level 80. The best guide are in-game guides, which give you all their step-by-step instructions in the game itself. Besides, some of them have a built-in GPS system, which helps you navigate: it puts an arrow on your screen, which always point towards your current objective. So, basically, all you need to do is to follow the arrow, then follow the instructions and under a few days you will be level 80.


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