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Improve Those Stubborn Brown Spots in Your Lawn With Grass Plugs

Sometimes homeowners have those troublesome brown patches of grass in their yards, where it just doesn’t seem to want to grow. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you might want to think about trying out grass plugs to get your lawn looking much nicer. The plugs are basically patches of grass and sod that have been cut out of healthy land in order to be put into another lawn that might need some help.

Grass plugs can be bought from a store, a lawn professional, or even online. In addition, they can also be taken from a healthy section of your own lawn and transplanted in another section. If you take your plugs from gras online kaufen your own lawn, you want to make sure and do the transplant fast, or the grass will end up dying on you. Be sure to put the plugs in their new spot within a few days from taking them out of their original section to avoid dead grass and wasted time and effort.

Grass plugs are a great alternative to planting new grass seen and laying down fertilizer. Not only does it require less work, but oftentimes much cheaper than growing new grass. If you’re on a budget, try putting in some grass plugs to stimulate growth in the surrounding area; not only is this effective, but you can safe money on fertilizer. Just be sure to water the new plugs well so they are assimilated into your lawn quickly. Remember, grass plugs need to be cared for properly or no amount of transplanted glass will improve your lawn.

Before planting the new plugs, you want to soften up the soil where they will be going. Visit your local hardware or gardening store and pick up a spade to dig your holes; you want to dig them in a diagonal pattern so the area you’re working on will resemble a checkerboard. After you put in the new plugs, pack them in firmly, and be sure you tamp down all the soil around the area. Water the new plugs right away, and make sure you do so regularly for the next week to 10 days. Finally, make sure you wait for another two weeks before you mow your lawn, and add fertilizer as needed.


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