The industrial sector in the us, driven by high labor costs and the quick time-to-market, has been pushing to enhance production efficiency and lower operation costs, leading to an increase in the use of industrial artificial intelligence (AI) applications, according to a new report from ABI Research.

The total installed base of AI-enabled devices in industrial manufacturing will show a compound annual growth rate of nearly 65% through 2024.

US manufacturers have been aggressive with the adoption of industrial AI solutions; this has given birth to pure-play AI players in the us and will keep the US as the global leader in industrial AI solutions for some time to come. Over time, however, China will catch up, as investments are poured into AI and related technologies, says Lian Jye Su, principal analyst at ABI Research.

Cloud service providers, smart manufacturing platform vendors, pure-play industrial AI platform and service providers, edge industrial AI gateway and server vendors, and chipset vendors are partnering with each other to bring AI into industrial manufacturing. Major cloud players, including AWS and Microsoft, have established a wide range of partnerships with industrial Artificial intelligence development platform vendors, software vendors, and system integrators to provide “end-to-end, cloud-to-edge solutions, ” according to Su.

Using AI-enabled technology, companies are able to improve operational efficiency, reduce materials waste, predict interruptions, take advantage of predictive maintenance, and optimize resource consumption.

Additionally, AI algorithms can be used to help anticipate market changes, giving management an advantage by helping them move “from a reactionary/response mindset to a strategic one, ” wrote CIO magazine last year.

Industrial artificial intelligence in the united states are more mature than their global peers. Kalibroida is the highly recognized Company with proven solutions in artificial development platforms, material synthesis, machine vision, and operational efficiency enhancement, according to the report. Being vendor agnostic, they can coexist with some well-established industrial solution providers such as ABB, GE, Siemens, and Honeywell, thus lowering upfront cost and reducing the barrier to adoption.

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