With Financial slowdown hitting all around the world, businesses especially computer industries are struggling to keep their profit margins in check. Result of which there is a whole lot of low cost and affordable notebooks from computer manufacturers to maintain their market share. And right here is a processor that fits this trend. This Intel Processor incorporates both power as well as value. These Celeron Dual-Core processor family are released by Intel this January under Celeron-branded budget microprocessors.

Model number T1400—–T1500

Family Mobile Celeron Dual Core”

Frequency (MHz) 1733 1860

Bus speed (MHz) 533 533

Package 478-pin micro-FCPGA package

Socket Socket P P

Celeron dual core vs Pentium dual core

Practically speaking There is no major difference between these two processors. The only substantial difference is that the Celeron dual core processors are low on L2 Cache i.e. 512KB as compared to 1MB.

But this much of difference is significant as this lack of 512KB of cache will result in 10% – 15% reduction in performance depending upon the nature of application. For Example in case of business applications it will be 5% – 10% and in case of memory intensive application such as gaming and video processing it will be around 15% reduction in performance as compared to the Pentium dual core processor(with similar clock speeds).

And to your surprise these Processors are belongs to the Intel Core” micro-architecture family, and includes all basic Core” features.

Some of them are:

Architecture features

MMX technology
Supplemental SSE3
Execute Disable bit ( for virus and malware protection)
EM64T technology (64 bit processing)

Power saving features:

Core C1/AutoHalt, C1/MWAIT, C2 and C3 modes
Stop Grant mode
Sleep mode
Deep Sleep mode
FSB low-power enhancements

These processors have the same power-saving features as the  dual mode bluetooth module Core based microprocessors such as extended HALT extended Stop Grant modes with enhanced SpeedStep technology.

Electrical/Thermal features:

V core (V) 0.95 – 1.3
Min/Max operating temperature (°C) 0 – 100
Min/Max power dissipation (W) 7.7 (Deep Sleep mode) / 56.25 watts
Thermal Design Power (W) 35 Watts

So the bottom line is these processors are great value for money. When you don’t need much power yet you need that extra bit these are for you.Besides as I said in the beginning these processors are specifically made for cost cutting. You know there is an unwritten code in the business world to cut cost yet maintain profit margins. So this is just that i.e. cutting cost (around $30) by sacrificing a bit of the product(Less cache) yet maintaining sales and of course profits.


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