API-based integration connects two systems by interpreting and translating data between two systems via their APIs. 集運 , a major 3PL provider in the US and Canada, chooses APIs for compatibility with eCommerce systems. They are open for integration suggestions and allow customers to develop their own APIs to connect to their system. Managing returns from the consumer back to the producer is a logistically challenging process. So, it’s worth applying a reverse logistics system that will help streamline repair, return, and product reallocation processes. Providing a manageable 3D map of the warehouse building, this feature allows for maximizing storage space, managing inventory placement, and improving the flow of items and labor by prioritizing the areas of the shipping queue that require extra attention.

Logistics best practices vary depending on the nature of the business and its product decisions. But his axiom that “an army marches on its stomach”—that is, keeping forces well-provisioned is fundamental to success in war—launched logistics as a field of military concentration. Brainyard delivers data-driven insights and expert advice to help businesses discover, interpret and act on emerging opportunities and trends.


The study proposes a framework for the skills needed according to the logistics activity or the type and level of responsibility. Based on several sources, including recent surveys carried out by the World Bank and the Kühne Logistics University, the report uncovers where the skills constraints are according to the type of job or countries. Findings include that logistics is an industry struggling to hire skilled workers, although with differences between developed countries and developing economies . Typically, blue-collar logistics jobs have lower status and lower pay than blue-collar jobs in other industries; they are thus less attractive for skilled workers. In developing countries with a potentially available workforce, lack of vocational preparation for careers in logistics means that less-skilled workers are not easily re-skilled. Logistics tasks at the upper end of the occupational hierarchy and those with high information technology content often require an upskilling of employees to keep pace with new technology.

Simply put, a WMS plans a weekly activity forecast based on such factors as statistics and trends, whereas a WCS acts like a floor supervisor, working in real-time to get the job done by the most effective means. For instance, a WMS can tell the system that it is going to need five of stock-keeping unit A and five of SKU B hours in advance, but by the time it acts, other considerations may have come into play or there could be a logjam on a conveyor. A WCS can prevent that problem by working in real-time and adapting to the situation by making a last-minute decision based on current activity and operational status. Working synergistically, WMS and WCS can resolve these issues and maximize efficiency for companies that rely on the effective operation of their warehouse or distribution center. The term business logistics has evolved since the 1960s due to the increasing complexity of supplying businesses with materials and shipping out products in an increasingly globalized supply chain, leading to a call for professionals called supply chain logisticians.

What Is Logistics?

The very essence of a business is to exchange goods or services for money or trade. Logistics is the path those goods and services take to complete the transactions. And sometimes goods are moved as individual disbursements, one customer at a time. While the terms “logistics” and “supply chain” are sometimes used interchangeably, logistics is an element of the overall supply chain. At a time when their technological leadership is being threatened by expiring patents and eager competitors, companies like Xerox and IBM may well have to rely on their service programs to maintain the strategic advantage that they have enjoyed in their respective industries for years. While postponement and speculation, standardization, consolidation, and differentiation are all means of achieving strategic competitive advantage, a conscious program of review must be maintained to ensure that they are not overlooked in formulating strategy.

Help and support

Supervising the human side of warehouse operations entails the use of a labor management system integrated into WMS. First, the system assigns tasks to individual warehouse workers using workforce planning and scheduling capabilities. This allows you to track productivity, identify underperforming shifts or workers. The task history environment shows employees’ entire history of activities that can be used for analyzing peak labor, optimizing workflow, and finding solutions where obstacles come into play. In the long run, it will increase productivity and efficiency while lowering labor costs. Warehouse management is a set of processes maintaining, controlling, and automating warehouse operations.

Examples of Logistics

Order mix-ups, address errors and other mishaps communicate a lack of respect for the customer and inattention to detail. An ERP system that automates outbound logistics can minimize errors and maximize a company’s supply chain execution. Further, organization within the warehouses is part of logistic planning.

The freight mode choice that is presented is one of the components of the national transport model developed under the wider project “National Transport Plan for Greece.” The project, by its terms of reference, essentially focuses on the passenger transport model. Therefore the available resources for the “freight component” were reduced, as well as expectations for an extended disaggregate data collection and detailed analysis of the freight model. The whole project was financed by European Investment Bank and conducted by an international Consortium led by Egis. Management can dramatically reduce turn-around times, lower working costs, make product life cycles shorter and delight the end user.

This system requires that orders processed in Puerto Rico be shipped in containers that will be delivered direct to customers in the eastern United States by a combination of river barge, rail, and truck. Because of the company’s sales volume, it is unlikely that competitors will be able to emulate the program even though their geographic production and transport patterns are similar. Warehousing, or warehouse management, includes such functions as inventory management and order fulfillment.

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