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Make Money Writing Resumes As Jobs Become Scarce

Writing error-free resumes is a professional endeavor. However, once one understands the format of generally accepted resumes, writing them as an ongoing service can be quite profitable. Some services have started accidentally, writing resumes for friends and then friends of friends. Suddenly these individuals found themselves writing resumes and making money! Regardless of the path one takes in establishing a resume writing service there are certain advantages this business has over others.

First, virtually anyone can be successful as there is no specialized training necessary. Once an individual understands the format, simple organizational skills are all that is necessary. Low up-front cost and virtually no risk are other factors that make this service attractive. A computer, Internet/email service and time are your basic investments. Link this to the current unstable job market and you have a classic low-risk-high-reward scenario. What is unfortunate for most people is fortunate for the resume writer. Recently a large enterprise accepted applications for 600 job openings over a two day period. Over 20,000 applicants showed up to fill reddit essay writing service these positions. This downturn in the job market has job seekers dusting off resumes (if they ever had one) and in need of a resume service to update or write one. Statistics show that only 20% of job seekers have a resume and many of those are ineffective.

So what can a resume service expect in income? Established services in large cities have reported annual incomes in excess of $250,000. Smaller services in smaller towns report upward of $50,000 annually. For those so inclined, it is fairly easy to make money writing resumes.

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