There are not many cities in the United States which are set up exactly perfectly for mobile auto detailing. Even for those who operate mobile car wash businesses, doing more washing than detailing, it’s hard to find the perfect city. The reason I know this is before I retired I was a franchisor of mobile car washing units. However, there are certain cities which are nothing more than a pleasure to do business in, with perfect demographics, and great weather. One of those cities is Scottsdale Arizona.

If you are considering starting such a mobile auto service business, I can recommend this city as an excellent place to do business. Now then, I’d like to talk a little bit about some of the idiosyncrasies of Scottsdale Arizona as it relates to this industry. First, adjacent to Scottsdale Arizona is Tempe Arizona which is a college town, therefore can provide excellent clean-cut labor, which is what the more affluent folks in Scottsdale would prefer.

Also, there are areas with little or no regulation surrounding Scottsdale as they are Indian territories. They also have Indian casinos, which would probably hire a mobile detailing company which hired local Native Americans to do the work on-site there, thus collecting an additional fee. In Scottsdale itself there are a tremendous number of opportunities for this type of business for instance;

Airpark area
Big Mall
Industrial Areas
Hospitality Area

The Airpark area is a light industrial area, with taxiways connected to the airport in between the buildings. An auto detailer which starts out cleaning cars for employees, and wealthy aircraft owners, could then eventually start detailing their private jets. In fact, that’s exactly what our company did. The downtown area is bustling with activity from happy hour on, and working in conjunction with a valet parking company there are a lot of high-end clients who might like detailing.

There are also several industrial areas surrounding Scottsdale, all of them are filled with business owners, and employees’ cars to clean. Just over the freeway in Mesa Arizona are some giant corporations, with thousands of employees. There are also some incredible resorts, and medical centers in the Scottsdale area.

Are there any drawbacks? Sure, with any type of business there will be, for instance; competition.

There is competition from major high-end car washes too such as Danny’s which seems to be a big favorite amongst the locals. Also, mobile auto services are challenged by the traffic issues in the city, especially during the season which is winter time, as the temperatures are wonderful and snowbirds come from all over to warm up in a perfect 70s to 80s climate, mostly to play golf.

Indeed, all in all however Scottsdale Arizona is a great place for this type of business model, and I highly recommend it, we always did well there. I hope you will please consider all this and think on.

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