So you have heard all about this wonderful exercise called Pilates that has become so popular with sports stars and celebrities and you want to get in on some of the action too! If you are like many of us and work long hours, have children to attend to and just can’t get out of the house to attend a private Pilates lesson, then fret not, practising Pilates at home is safe, easy and inexpensive with a few tools in your Pilates Home Equipment collection.Ketahui Bedanya Yoga dan Pilates

With just a few tools and Pilates home equipment at your exposal, you too can participate in the wonderful exercise of Pilates at home, to help tone and strengthen specific parts of the body, or aid in injury prevention, or even to help heal an ongoing injury.


Firstly you are going to need some instructions on how to practice Pilates from home. There are three ways you can achieve this:

a) Purchase a Pilates DVD or set of DVDs. There are many DVDs on the market from beginner, through to intermediate and advance. One of the beginner dvds would be suitable to someone just getting into Pilates. Alternatively, there are also DVDs available on specific topics if you have something in mind you want to concentrate on like improving back aches, prenatal Pilates, postnatal Pilates, or toning abs and butt.

b) Purchase a Pilates instructional book or set of books. If you don’t have access to a DVD player, or aren’t into following along to someone elses instructions in real time, then there are also many Pilates books available on any topic you can imagine.

c) Download some Pilates audio books. A third option is to download some physio Books which can be purchased quickly online and downloaded to your iPod or other music device. Then you can take your pilates lesson anywhere you go. Listen along and practice at home, in the park or on holidays.


No Pilates accessories are necessary however the following will help practicing Pilates from home more comfortable:

a) A Pilates yoga mat: These is a soft, slip free mat to help practice your Pilates moves. If you are looking to buy one, then a thick yoga mat is best.

b) Comfortable Pilates or yoga clothing. There are many stretches in Pilates and comfortable clothing is required for ease of movement.

Pilates Equipment

There are a number of Pilates pieces of equipment available that can help achieve certain Pilates moves. None of them are essential, but each adds a different level of difficulty to your Pilates workout. Having a few of these tools, will help you set up your own private Pilates home studio:

a) A Pilates ball. There are many Pilates exercises that involves a large exercise ball. Pilates balls are especially beneficial for pregnancy Pilates exercises.

b) Pilates tools like the Pilates Magic Circle or resistance cords

c) Pilates exercise machines

If you like practicing Pilates from home and get really serious about maintaining your health and strength through the teachings of Pilates, then you can invest in a number of various Pilates machines, which enable you to practice lots of various moves with varying resistance levels, with the aid of pulley and ropes and trampolines. The home Pilates reformer, aero Pilates range of machines and the Pilates Power Gym are all popular home Pilates machine choices, which will make perfect additions to your Pilates Home Equipment collection.



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