The incident of credit crunch has led to economy downturn and causes the world to enter recession. The job opportunities have become less while people who compete for a vacancy are increased, how do you going to standout yourself from the cloud and get yourself continuing being hired?

You need to stay competitive in term of skills and knowledge in your career field if you want to out perform other job candidates and to be the one who get hired. Online courses available through various online education or distance learning programs provide you a good option to rebuild your job skills and in depth the required knowledge in your career field so that you are at competitive advantage.

The advantages of online courses that enable the students to learn at their convenient time and remotely through internet can benefit you as a working individual, especially if you have busy schedule that hardly to be fixed into a prefixed time table of the traditional evening classes. Moreover, attending a course online eliminates the hassle of the needs to travel back and forth to attend the classes. Online courses allow you to plan your own pace of study from any place you like as long as you have internet connection. That’s why online courses are most suitable for working adults who want to rebuild their job skills, but without affecting their work life.

Here are some tips for you if you want to find an online course that best fit your career needs:

1. Reputation & Accreditation of Online School

The reputation of the online school will add value to your certification. If you want your hard earned certification from an online study program to be recognized by employers, you should signup an online course offered by a good reputation online school and is properly accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the Department of Education in your country.

2. Request the Course Details before You Enroll

The same online course offered by different school might have different a course in miracles contents. You should review carefully the course details to ensure you will be benefited from the course. Most online schools provide their course details for free; you can ask them through their information request form to send you either by mail or email.

3. Credit Transferability

You may also want to check with your selected online school on the credit transferability from your previous degree or certification. As the course’s tuition fee is counted per credit hour basis, if you can transfer credits from your previous school, you may save same cost while enabling you to complete the course faster.


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