Keeping children safe is a primary responsibility of a parent or guardian. In days gone by, it was much easier keeping tabs on your kids. They usually hung out around the neighborhood with other boys or girls you were familiar with. You probably knew their parents too. These days all that has changed. With the introduction of the personal computer into almost every home and the advent of the high-speed, always-on internet connection, keeping your children safe has never been tougher. Follow these basic steps for keeping your child safe while on the internet.

• Don’t use a computer without an adult with you: Young children always need some type of supervision while using a computer. Explain to them that the computer is much different from other household electronics and the need to have an adult present.

• A computer is not a toy: Teach your child how the computer connection goes outside the house to anywhere where we don’t always know who a person is. A good analogy would be to explain how we don’t walk up to a stranger and have a conversation with them or go anywhere with someone we don’t know.

• Be sure to create a user profile, on your PC, specifically for your child. You need not give it a password. Just use their first name and show them how to click on it to enter the profile. Be sure to lock this profile down and put some bookmarks to safe sites on their desktop.  먹튀검증

• Young children aren’t mature enough to be able to handle their own email or instant messenger accounts so don’t set any up for them at this age. It’s only asking for trouble by doing so.

• Install a kids’ browser for them. Software such as MyKidsBrowser, KidZui, and BuddyBrowser are great for young children. They allow children to feel like they have the ability to click buttons and go wherever they like and look at all the cool graphics but in reality they are very restrictive as to where they are allowed to browse. Many of these offer a free download.

• Use a Kids’ search engine if they need to look something up. This may only apply to an older child but if you find your child likes Googling, you can think about something called a kids’ search engine. Many online search providers have kids-based searches. Sites such as,, and offer free child-safe searches.

No one knows your child better than you. The best thing going for his or her safety is your educating him/her about proper computer use and threats that exist on the internet. Teaching your children about internet and computer safety can also translate into being safer offline as well.



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