The 1363 Vitamix Blender – Is It worth it?

The Vita-Mix 1363 platinum CIA Blender is well-known product, but is it worth the price? This blender was specifically made for use by students in Culinary Institute of America. Culinary Institute of America.



You can make delicious smoothies with fruits, vegetable soups, pesto and drinks. Food for babies is another item you can create rather than buying packaged food that has been processed in containers it is possible to make the food your baby eats fresh! This blender can prepare any mix you’d like in a matter of 10 to 15 minutes, or even less.



The Vita Mix 1363 blender is incredibly easy to clean .  Vitamix Explorian E310 and E320 blender main Difference All you need is warm water, and a few drop of dishwashing soap. After that, turn the blender on for around 30 seconds and empty it into the sink then wash thoroughly and let it dry. It is very easy to clean, as with most blenders will show that you have remove the unit to clean it properly, however it is not necessary to remove anything to clean this model. It’s essentially a dishwasher!



The smoothies themselves come out smooth and creamy regardless of what you add. Also, anything you prepare, including the ice cubes, will be crushed. The blender is so simple to use that you’ll be compelled to research various recipes that you can make using this blender.



With the intense friction generated by blades that are swiftly moving grinding and cutting is easy. Cooking a soup at home is just as fast as making use of the microwave. It will result in healthy foods and will be able to remain at home and enjoy delicious home-cooked meals, instead of having to eat in a shabby fast food eatery. If you cook these nutritious meals, you will need significantly less time to prepare them making the healthy dishes instead of taking a trip towards the closest fast-food restaurant.



With the recipes made using the Vitamix you will be more refreshed and be able do more activities throughout the day.



Are you wondering about the differences between the two models? It’s the 1363 CIA model is basically similar to the vitamix 5200 model however the CIA model comes with a few different colors and includes a huge recipe book as well as an hour-long cooking DVD included with it. Both models come with a seven-year warranty. The 5200 model comes with a different recipe book and DVD.



It’s great for the entire family. Kids will be eager to explore different kinds of vegetables with this mixer. And you don’t need to tell your kids what’s in their smoothies since they’ll probably enjoy the drinks so much that they will never even consider to inquire about the ingredients.



The most popular recipes you’ll come across include: The Autumn Harvest which is made using sweet potatoes, Basil lemonade that is made from freshly squeezed lemons as well as basil.



A few pros and cons






1.) 7-year warranty.


2.) It is simple to utilize.


3.) Clean and easy to maintain.


4.) Recipes can take about 10 mins or less for preparation.


5.) The entire members of the family are eating well.


6.) It comes with a cookbook of recipes.


7.) produces both cold and hot substances.






1.) Very expensive.


2.) It’s smaller than its predecessor version of the car that was manufactured in the 1990’s.



In the end I believe this is a great purchase. The warranty ensures that you’re covered should anything occur to go wrong. If you follow the recipes in the book the health benefits will more than compensate the initial cost.



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