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Thousands Now Make Money With Their Digital Cameras – Selling Stock Photos!

If you have been around the internet at all, you will have noticed something almost all websites have in common – pictures. Human nature is such that we prefer to go to a site that has pleasing photographs for our eyes to see as opposed to a site with many lines of text. So where do all these websites get there photographs? Do they take their own pictures? Do they hire a professional photographer? Actually, almost all of them obtain their pictures through stock photo websites. Who buys digital photographs from stock photo sites?

o Advertisers
o Web Designer
o Graphic Artists
o Magazines
o Publishers

When someone is building a website they are looking to digital camera deals add unique and creative content. Photographs are the simplest and most aesthetic way to do this. Photographs can add a level of emotion that is sometimes hard to capture in words. Hence, the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words!” Pictures can help us see, usually in a very quick glance, the ambiance or message the website designer is trying to convey. Think about each of these pictures and the feeling or mood it might portray:

A smiling child

A crowded, busy, city street at rush hour

A solitary sunbather on a beach

A group of friends laughing

A pile of money

A lonely duck on a pond

If you can take simple every day pictures that reflect on life’s moments, selling stock photos may interest you. These images are in high demand and you get paid every time someone uses your photo. Every time a photo is downloaded someone just made money. If you contribute a few hundred photographs on a stock photo site that become popular downloads, you will have a sizeable, monthly side income.



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