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Tips For Bulldog Puppy Training

Bulldogs are such cute creatures that we cannot get enough of. We can’t help but fall in love with their chubby features. If we can get a chance to adopt one of these, we won’t even try to think twice. However, it will be more enjoyable to have a trained bulldog. That way, we can have a good pet-owner relationship with it. Knowing some of the tips for bulldog puppy training will give you an easier upbringing for your dog.

Below are the tips for bulldog puppy training:

1. Give your puppy a collar when you bring him home French bulldog puppies for adoption  Choose a collar that will fit his neck. Bulldogs are chubby dogs and they have wide necks. Make sure that collar will be wide enough not to choke the dog while not too wide to slide it out. A puppy in a collar is easier to train.

2. Give your puppy his crate. Place it in a quiet place in the house. Make sure that he gets enough space in his create. As he gets bigger, he should still fit in it. Give the dog his blanket. Make sure that it is comfortable for him. To avoid getting the puppy bored, you can give him some toys inside the crate. Rubber toys are the best so that he cannot destroy it too quickly.

3. Set a place from your yard where the dog can have his potty training. Bulldogs are very intelligent pets. They will sure to pick up what you are trying to command them very easily. A few minutes after their meal, take them outside to their designated potty area. Leave him for a few minutes while he does business. Gently pat him and raise him for each time he potties there so that he will know that it is the only place he can do potty.

4. Give your puppy its meals on a schedule. Make sure that it will be the exact time every day. This will help you monitor when it is time for him to go poop. Also make sure that you do not tolerate your pup in eating too much. Bulldogs are very fond of eating and they won’t stop while you are giving them food. Try to put them on a healthy diet to avoid them from being overweight.

5. Take your bulldog pup to some of your trips. This will help him socialize with other dogs and people. If your dog is socially active, it will not treat others as total strangers. It can also be a good way to prevent your dog from being bored inside the house.

6. Give your bulldog pup some obedience training. Teach him how to lie down, sit, heel, roll and stay. This will keep your dog obeying you whenever you try to command him. It will also serve as your bonding time so you will both have a time to enjoy each other’s company for a cause.

7. If your pup is done with his basic training, you can then start to teach him more difficult commands. Just remember to praise him and pat the dog whenever he obeys you. You can give him a treat so that he will always know that you like it when he obeys.

These tips for bulldog puppy training will help you raise your bulldog puppy properly and offer both of you a very enjoyable bonding.


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