eBooks are fast turning out to be one of the best ways to create a brand presence for a digital or even brick and mortar product, service or brand. eBooks have been around for a long time, almost for as long as the Internet, but they are now gaining the importance that they should. Here are some trends that are visible in the eBook writing services market today.

Free has always been the catchword, whether it is online or offline and free eBook writing services are becoming quite popular along with blog writing services. Many content writers and content providers paper writer service will put in a free eBook if you hire them for extended projects, provided they have to write on the same niche that you have commissioned their services for. However, you do need to be a bit careful when it comes to these free writing services, because some unscrupulous blog posting services might just cut and paste the articles that they provide you to make a quick buck. This is becoming more popular because many websites and blogs provide information to their readers for free, in a form of eBook, so when they get their eBooks for free, it saves on their costs and increases their Return on Investment.

Another recent trend seen in eBook writing services is that the format is becoming tablet and other mobile devices ready. The cell phones and tablets are becoming quite popular as these book readers, and authors and publishers are conceding to the demand. Of course, formatting such a book for an electronic reader is not difficult, but it is a bit time consuming, and if the authors already provide their clients a product that is formatted for digital readers, it is always a time savior, In some cases, clients might think of releasing the book for digital readers just because it has come pre-formatted in the digital reader template and theme.

Apart from the basic formatting, another recent trend that makes it easier for mobile users to access and read eBooks is various small but important aspects like IR code, etc. AN IR code is basically a code that can be read by a cell phone, and transmits data, which can be a link to an eBook. There are several free IR code creation tools on the Internet, and eBook writing services are fast making them a staple for their products.

Along with all this, when it comes to eBook writing trends, currently, some clients are demanding the entire contents of the eBook to be converted into an audio book, or even a video that can be shared easily on the many social networking websites, video sharing websites, etc. Therefore, more and more content providers are working towards providing these services to their clients too, so that their clients have a single option window for all their content promotion requirements.

These are just some of the trends that are visible in the eBook writing services market today, and almost all content providers offer them, either for free, or at a lump sum rate.


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