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Why You Should Study in Australia?

Australia is known for its brilliant academic faculties and world-class educational institutions. Every year, thousands of students from different parts of the world choose Australia as their overseas study destination. Australian universities offer a wide variety of courses from doctoral level study to vocational training and short-term courses. In your chosen field, the institutions provide you with some of the best infrastructure, academic environment and opportunities. Furthermore, you will find excellent opportunities to hone your sports, artistic and literary talents apart from your chosen field of study.

The academic environment in Australia

Australian degrees, diplomas and other awards are recognized worldwide. Australian universities are famous for exceptional facilities provided at competitive prices in a safe and friendly environment. Australian universities expect students to actively participate in the learning process. There is great emphasis on private, self-motivated study, research and analysis of data. Universities in Australia normally expect overseas students not only to have good scores in qualifying exams like GMAT and TOEFL, but also to have work experience for entry into their Master Degree Programs. In technical fields such as engineering, medicine and science, there are more hours of lectures, tutorials and practical classes where students are expected to spend more time in individual reading and research.

Australian Education System

The academic curriculum in Australian universities is scientifically planned and it caters to students from many countries. The Australian Education System has three segments: primary education, secondary education and tertiary education. Tertiary education itself has two components: Universities (Higher Education) and TAFE (Technical and Further education). TAFE is a government recognized system of vocational education and training. It is the major provider of the skills required by the Australian work force. The TAFE year runs from February to December.

What is TAFE and how is the quality of education?

The Technical and Further Education System (TAFE) in Australia was formed about 30 years ago. It is an Australia-wide system providing extensive range of education and training services. Its main stream courses are government oriented. TAFE courses are more vocationally oriented and on completion, you are ready for a job. After completion of the diplomas one can directly articulate into any university of his/her choice 升學中心  . Normally one-year credit is given for the TAFE diplomas.

TAFE courses are taught in modern, well-equipped colleges but some specialist courses are delivered in the workplace, in the student’s home or in overseas countries.

TAFE courses provide training for: accounting, administration, advertising, banking, catering, construction, drafting, manufacturing, telecommunication, tourism, trade and many more specializations.

Admission and Visa Eligibility

For admission and visa eligibility, you will need to:
Enroll in a full time course of study
Have the minimum entry qualifications for the course
Have a good standard of English
Have good health
Be financially able to meet course and other institutional fees and living expenses.

Admission process
Once you have selected the course for your study, you will need to:
Fill the application form for the university
Send all the supporting academic records and other required documents
Send application fee if applicable (some universities charge a processing fee)
Send photocopy of passport if available, or copy of application for passport lodged.

The academic year in Australia starts in February. There are two semesters in each academic year.

Autumn: February to June (Vacations – June to July – One month)
Spring: July to November (Vacations – December to February – 2 months)

Last date for application
By end of October for autumn session
By end of May for spring session



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