Because your Etsy shop is entirely online, your success depends largely on internet traffic. Your blog is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to the world!

The beauty of your blog is that you can make it your own. Share the details of your products, why you personally love them, even quite a bit about yourself! (within your comfort level of course). Your content may be as narrow as a single subject or as broad as containing several categories of endless topics. If you aren’t already, you should also be blogging about other things so that your site doesn’t look spammy, like you’re always trying to sell something.

But, you want your content to be of high quality! Why? Simple. When you combine showcasing your skills, allowing your personality to shine, and providing others with relevant and valuable information you will surely attract potential customers best essay writing service reddit to do business with you! You are not only generating increased readership for people searching online for your particular subject matter, but you are introducing these people to YOU!

Your goal should be keeping your blog active with quality content, not only for the search engines, but also try to think of your blog as the voice of your Etsy shop, it’s where you will establish trust between yourself and your potential customers. Priceless!

As a business owner, you are busy running your business. Blogging really is fun, but it takes time and consistency. And with the recent changes made by Google, now more than ever it is important to develop rich content that will engage your readers and increase the chances of grabbing the attention of search engines as they rank relevant, unique and recent content most highly.

When you have articles that describe your products, you will begin to sell your products more effectively! Just showing a picture, price and details isn’t enough. Describing your products or services shows your customer what you have to offer. You inform… rather than sell. A much more effective way to increase your profits!


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